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Manufacturer Websites

At Adamson Industries, we distribute for the top Manufacturers of Public Safety Vehicle Equipment and Supplies.  Below you will find some of our manufacturers and a direct link to their website.

able2-shome-logo-100-5.png Lights & Sirens http://www.able2products.com/
psd-logo-b.jpg Prisoner Seats (now part of Go Rhino) http://www.gorhinopd.com/
American Aluminum K-9 Cages/Equipment http://ezrideronline.com/m/
progard-logo.gif Airbag Switches http://www.aoielectrical.com/
Big Sky Racks, Inc Gun Racks http://www.bigskyracks.com/
BLI International Priority Start http://www.prioritystart.com/index.php
Bonner and Associates Switch Panels No website, click here for product info
Carson MFG Co., Inc Sirens http://www.carson-mfg.com
Clore Automotive Jump Packs http://www.cloreautomotive.com/
Copeland Engineering Power Management http://www.copelandengineering.com/
Criminalistics Inc K-9 Cages/Equipment  http://www.criminalisticsinc.com/store/ 
Cruisers  Interior Components http://www.cruiserscorp.com/
dr-logo-copy-11669405.jpg Emergency Vehicle Sound, Lighting & Equipment  http://www.dandrelectronics.com/ 
Esmet, Inc (Tufloc)  Gun Racks, Lockers & Organizers http://www.esmet.com/index.html 
fed-sig-logo.jpg Lights & Sirens  http://www.fedsig.com/ 
Fire Research Corp Scene Lighting, Apparatus Controls, etc http://www.fireresearch.com/
Flex Safe USA Barriers  http://www.flexsafeusa.com/ 
Gamber Johnson  Laptop & Computer Mounts  http://www.gamberjohnson.com/ 
Go Light Industries Remote Controlled Spotlights & Searchlights http://www.golight.com/
psd-logo-b.jpg Push Bumpers, Partitions, Gun Racks, Skid Plates  http://www.gorhinopd.com/
Havis Mounting and Transporting Solutions http://customers.havis.com/
Hella, Inc Map Lights http://www.hella.com/
Hint Peripherals Corp Laptop & Computer Mounts http://www.hintperipherals.com/
Intermotive Products  Vehicle Controls http://www.intermotive.net/ 
Lund Industries Consoles http://lund-industries.com/
maxxledlighting.jpg LED Lights http://www.maxxima.com/ 
Municipal Graphics  Graphics  http://www.municipalgraphics.com/ 
Panorama  Antennas http://www.panorama-antennas.com/ 
Patrol PC Computers http://www.patrolpc.com/
progard-logo.gif Push Bumpers, Partitions, Gun Racks, Skid Plates  http://www.pro-gard.com/
SafeTec First Aid Kits http://safetec.com/
setina-logo-share.jpg Push Bumpers, Partitions, Gun Racks, Skid Plates   http://setina.com/
soundoff-signal-logo.png Lights & Sirens  http://www.soundoffsignal.com/ 
StarSignal  Lights & Sirens http://star1889.com/ 
Tomar Electronics Lights & Sirens http://www.tomar.com/
Tremco Anti-theft Device http://www.tremcoantitheft.com/
Truckvault Vehicle Cargo Storage Solutions http://www.truckvault.com/
Unity Spotlights http://www.unityusa.com/
whelen.jpg  Lights & Sirens  http://www.whelen.com/index.php 


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