Federal Signal 100 Watt Economical Speaker Neodymium speaker driver creates high-powered sound an affordable price


The TS100-N delivers outstanding audible warning and is designed to satisfy the ever-expanding variety of emergency vehicle applications.




The TS100-N advantage revolves around the speaker’s driver component. The element neodymium, and magnetic materials are combined to create a speaker package that is powerful, compact and affordable. This low cost, compact design provides for added mounting location flexibility, and is compatible with all Federal Signal electronic siren amplifiers.


Increased Versatility


The TS100 neodymium speaker meets or exceeds SAE J1849 specification requirements for sound. It’s design features the time honored styling of the popular TS100 (standard driver) model, and has been improved upon by making it an inch shorter and nearly 40% lighter. The TS100-N can be mounted in a variety of locations, including behind the grille or in the bumper area of your emergency vehicle.

100 Watt Economical Speaker

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