Intense and bright, built for demanding environments

• Certified to IP67 specifications for rigorous dust and water immersion testing
• Rated to last 30,000+ hours for long-lasting and reliable, bright white light sources
• Low maintenance and reduced operating costs
• Adjustable mounting bracket with 180º of tilt forward or backward to aim the light as needed


Illumination Patterns
Flood: 40˚ H x 25˚ V
LED Count
6 LEDs
Input Voltage
10-50 Vdc for worldwide use
Current Draw 
1000 Lumen: 2 Amps @ 12.8 Vdc , 1.1 Amps @ 25.6 Vdc, 0.6 Amps @ 51.2 Vdc
Color Temperature 
Operating Temperature
-40° C to +65° C / -40° F to +149° F
4.5” (10 cm) W x 5.7” (6.4 cm) D Overall Height: 2.4” (14 cm) D(includes bracket)
Surface mount with U-bracket (included)
SAE DOT Lens Marking

1000 Lumen Par 36 Square LED Work Light 10-50v

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