The CHARGE IT! Model PP15 15000 mAh POWER PAC is a lithium-battery based multi-voltage power supply and 12 Volt jump starter. With 15000 mAh of reserve capacity and multiple output voltages, the POWER PAC PP15 can power a wide variety of devices, electronics and accessories. In addition, the PP15 can be used to jump start vehicles from motorsports equipment, personal watercraft and ATVs to cars, trucks and SUVs. Delivering 400 Peak Amps and 270 Cranking Amps of starting power, it is powerful enough to start most 4- and 6-cylinder passenger vehicles.


  • 15000 mAh Lithium Battery
  • USB Power Bank to charge electronics
  • 12V Power Supply for 12V accessories
  • 19V Power Supply for laptops/notebooks
  • 400 Peak Amps of jump starting power
  • 270 Cranking Amps of jump starting power
  • Includes multiple output device adapters
  • Includes AC and DC charging adapters
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overvoltage and backfeed protection
  • Overheat and short circuit protection
  • Meets CEC efficiency requirements
  • Battery Capacity : 15000 mAh
  • Operating Voltage (Jump Starter) : 12V
  • USB Output : 5V 2.1A
  • 12V Output : 12V 10A
  • 19V Output : 19V 3A
  • Charger Type : Wall Charger
  • Charging Mode : Automatic

15000 mAh Power Pac

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