• Vehicle specific console for 2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe (special service)
  • Mounts between bucket seats and fits to dash contour
  • 21" of control head mounting area
  • Provides 2.5" inches between console and seats for added driver comfort and accessory mounting
  • OEM lower dash controls and 12 volt sockets are protected and do not need to be relocated
  • If using a vertical gun rack between seats, a partition with gun alcove is recommended
  • Includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options
  • Includes plate for mounting electrical devices with access from removable front trim panels
  • No additional vehicle mounting kit required


Product Specifications:

  • Overall length from lower dash = 27.25" inches Plus under dash trim panels / 9" inch wide full length
  • 9.5" to 11" depth at forward 8" inch Angled section and 10" depth at rear 13" inch horizontal section

2007-2014 Chevy Tahoe Console

SKU: MT-VS-0813-TAH-1
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