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  • Now Featuring Torus 9-Up Directional and Corner LEDs in the 21TR Plus for better off-angle lighting!
  • 21TR Plus is a full featured, economical lightbar with new Torus LED technology. Central controller features and options are the same as the Defender and RX 2700CC . Features include the NarrowStik, flashing takedowns and alleys, and corner cruise lights.




  • Full Featured and Customizable Lightbar with Torus Directional and Corner Lightheads. All Options and Build-Your-Own Capabilities Available
  • 9-Up Directional and Corner LEDs Available
  • 35 w Halogen or LED Takedowns & Alleys Available
  • Flashing LED Takedowns and Alleys Standard
  • Deluxe Central Controller with 23 Flash Pattern Selections, NarrowStik Function, Corner Cruise
  • Dimming Mode
  • 5-Year Warranty on LED Modules
  • Clear Lenses Standard




  • LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights
  • Lighted LIT3 Mounting Foot
  • Solar Panel with Battery Conditioner

21TR Plus LED Lightbar

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