Federal Signal announces the release of a new addition to the MicroPulse Ultra family of LED warning lights. The MPS300U series of models is a 3-LED style of MicroPulse Ultra that combines reliability and superior warning within a new low-profile design.



  • Super low-profile design offers wide range of mounting options
  • Surface mount, 3 LED warning light
  • Multi-voltage input 12-24 VDC
  • 18 selectable flash patterns
  • Up to 8 units can be synchronized to flash simultaneously or alternating
  • Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications
  • Includes black bezel and gasket
  • 3.38-inches (Length) x 1.08-inches (Height) x 0.43-inches (Depth)
  • 3-year LED warranty

3-LED MicroPulse Ultra Perimeter Lights

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