The 416900/416910 corner LEDs come with 19 selectable flash patterns and can be programmed to operate independently or sync with multiple lightheads. Single color models are available in blue, red, amber, and white. Dual color lightheads can flash one color or alternate between each color and are available in combinations of amber/white, blue/amber, blue/white, blue/red, red/white, and red/amber.



· 416910 models are single color and have 12 LEDs

· 416900 models are dual color and have 6 LEDs of each

· Internal and external mounting applications

· Each model includes lighthead, in-line flasher cable, black mounting bezel and gasket, gasket for headlight/taillight mounting, and mounting screws

· 19 flash patterns including random and steady

· Two programming modes: “memory 1” and “memory 2”

416900/416910 Corner LED

SKU: GLL 416910-x