• Ultra small
  • LED Insert light
  • Over 30 Flashing Patterns
  • A single Master can trigger up to 6 Slave modules
  • Compact In-Line Controller and synchronization units
  • Virtually no FRF/EMI noise emitted
  • Meets SAE J1113-41 Class 5
  • Includes synchronize feature for alternating and synchronous flashing of multiple lamps
  • LED elements - 6
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • No high voltage power supplies
  • Safe low voltage wiring
  • Available colours: Amber, Clear
  • Quick connect/disconnect harness *New Feature*
  • Includes Pre-Wired 10' cable
  • Dimensions:
    • Base Diameter - 1.5"
    • Height - 1.25"

6-LED Inline Insert

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