Whelen 600 seris 5mm LED Brake/Tail, Turn & Back-up is a compact LED lighthead, available with a wide variety of mounting fixtures. Durable, long life and high intensity LED lightheads.


A mid-sized directional lighthead.


  • Surface mount, wide angle LEDs with redesigned spreader optic lenses fill the lighthead evenly with light
  • All LEDs are encapsulated for heavy-duty performance
  • Vibration, moisture and corrosion resistance
  • Minimal current draw
  • Rated for 100,000 hours operation
  •  brake/tail/turn models with 2 flash patterns or interior/back-up
  • Brake/tail/turn model includes standard Signal-Alert™ pattern to enhance brake or turn signal flash activity. When LED is activated, Signal-Alert provides 4 bursts of light in 300 millionths of second before turning steady on for a more eye-catching pattern. 
  • All lightheads are furnished with 6" wire pigtail
  • Five year unconditional HDP heavy duty professional warranty
  • Mounting options are purchased separately

600 Series 5MM LED Brake/Tail/Turn & Back Up

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