The Federal Signal AS124 series speaker uses advanced housing material and field replaceable neodymium drivers to provide effective, high quality sound at an affordable price. The AS124 speaker is built with a revolutionary housing material known as P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate). With this housing, the AS124 is a lightweight and low cost speaker. Also the AS124 is made complete with a field replaceable driver that meets or exceeds SAE/CCR sound requirements. The speaker’s housing is impervious to heat and corrosion, and it also can be mounted horizontally or vertically by using supplied stainless steel bolts and associated hardware.


Light and Versatile, the AS124 speaker is light and compact enough to mount into a wide variety of locations in and around the emergency vehicle.


The speaker weighs only 6 lbs. (not including mounting bolts and hardware) and measures

7.7" W X 5.7" H X 4.45" D.


The AS124’s driver is field replaceable and easily rotated allowing for either vertical or horizontal mount orientation.


The P.E.T. housing material is exceptionally strong, resistant to heat and moisture, and will not corrode or change colors as most metallic or nylon composite materials will do.


The driver component of the AS124 is made of neodymium magnetic material, the same as used with the most effective speakers currently available from Federal Signal. Neodymium is a very strong, efficient driver material that allows the AS124 to meet or exceed SAE, CCR, Title 13 and Class “A” specification requirements for sound output.

AS124 Speaker

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