Premium lighting at an off-the-shelf price! Designed for long-life, reliable performance, ease of operation and serviceability.


  • Low profile design with Red, Blue,Amber or Clear outer lenses and compression fit gasket for superior moisture resistance.
  • Four corner Linear-LED® modules, and 2, 4, or 8 TIR6™ inboard modules based on length.
  • Offers four corner Linear-LED modules which provide 360° coverage for SAE J845 Class I certification.
  • Models are fully populated,pre-configured lightbars.
  • Standard current switching with 17 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and pattern override.
  • Extruded aluminum platform for rugged, long-life dependability.
  • Available in two mounting options: Permanent mount and magnet mount
  • Magnetic mount supplied with 10®®™ straight cable and cigar plug with on/off switch and pattern selection switch.
  • Permanent mount models come with 12" pigtail.
  • Color outer dome on solid Red, Blue, or Amber models, Clear outer dome on split Red/Blue or Amber/White models.
  • Clip-Lock™ system allows easy removal of lightbar domes for service, without compromising the weather resistant seal.
  • Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty.
  • 12 VDC


Available in 11-1/2" , 16-1/2" and 23-1/4" standard length bars.

Century Series LED Mini Lightbar

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