Havis ChargeGuard Vehicle Power Management System automatically turns mobile equipment on when you start the motor. When you turn the motor off, the equipment stays on from 5 seconds to infinity depending on the selected time delay setting. Turns equipment off before pre-set time if voltage drops too low. Diagnostic LED helps trouble shoot voltage problems.



  • Easy to install, no power needed for setup.
  • Easy to set timeout delay switches.
  • Choice of sensing modes: Automatic Detection, Battery Sensing (DC Rise), or Ignition.
  • Override/test button provides 15 minutes of electronics power.
  • Voltage diagnostic LED indicates status with color/blink codes.
  • High (18V) and low (11V) voltage disconnect.
  • Reserve polarity protection.
  • MIL-STD-810F Compliant.



  • Operating Voltage 13.8 VDC
  • Low Voltage disconnect 11 VDC
  • High Voltage disconnect 18 VDC
  • Stand-by current 5 mA
  • Operating current 80 mA
  • Load current rating 30 A
  • Minium on delay 5 sec
  • Selectable timeout delay 5 sec-8hr & infinity
  • 4"L x 3.75"W
  • 1 lb

ChargeGuard Vehicle Power Management System

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