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  • Extraordinary visibility to approaching traffic gives drivers extra time to move over or slow down.
  • Powerful scene coverage




  • Innovative Patented Lighthead Design
  • 2-2.5x Brighter than any Lightbar at Key 45° and 60° Intersection Angles
  • Far Brighter Alley and Takedown Lights than Traditional Halogen or LEDs
  • 2 Times Brighter Signal from Rear of the Lightbar



  • Advanced Central Control Circuitry
  • Improved Control of Signal Brightness–Dimming Mode Meets SAE Safety Standards
  • Superior Thermal Management Runs Cooler Than Other Lightbars



  • Universal Lighthead Design
  • New Modular Lens System for Creating Lightbars of Virtually Any Length
  • Efficient Inverted Lens Design for Quick Access to Interior
  • Black Intermolded Solar Barrier
  • 2 Times Stronger Frame
  • Patented Gasket Sealing System



  • 5-Year Warranty on TriCore Lightheads
  • 12 Volt
  • Meets Applicable SAE J845, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65 Specifications when Properly Configured.
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 7,153,015 & 7,300,175

Defender Lightbar

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