Next Generation of TriCore Technology: TC2. Multiple colors from one lighthead module. No splits, just full color signal followed by another full color signal. Literally, two full lightbars in one!


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  • Two full signals out of one lighthead. No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting an LED lighthead or using two lightheads to get two colors.
  • Greater color and flash pattern combinations are now possible creating more attention grabbing activity to alert motorists of your presence!



  • The additional takedown, scene or side lighting also creates a large area of bright lighting that is perfect when conditions require extra lighting of the area around or in front of the vehicle



  • By turning a dual color lighthead into an all white takedown or alley light, officers do not have to worry about giving up lighting positions in the bar for takedowns or alley lights because they are already there!
  • When TC2red/amber or blue/amber lightheads are used in the rear of the Defender, they can instantly change to a full size amber ArrowStik for traffic direction. No longer do emergency red or blue warning colors have to be given up to have an amber traffic directing device in your bar!



  • 5-Year Warranty on TriCore Lightheads
  • 12 Volt
  • Meets Applicable SAE J845, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65 Specifications when Properly Configured.
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 7,153,015 & 7,300,175

Defender TC2 Multi-Color LED Lightbar

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