Full Product Description: Console, Vehicle specific, 24" Total mounting space, 0 Degrees, Housing complete, Dodge Charger, 2011-2016



  • 24" console for 2011-2016 Dodge Charger (police package)
  • Custom fit console uses OEM floor mounts no permanent vehicle modification required
  • 7" max depth at rear and 5" min at front of the console (see side view measurement diagram)
  • Includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options
  • Provides more space for long one piece control heads
  • Includes 3 cutouts for two 12 volt plug outlets included and one MP3/USB port in front trim panel cover
  • Hole plugs included if 12 volt plug outlets not used
  • Vehicle mounting kit included
  • If using a vertical gun rack between seats, a partition with gun alcove is recommended

Dodge Charger Police Package 24" Console

SKU: MT-C-VS-2400-CHGR-2
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