Features & Benefits

Automatically turns the engine off when specific conditions are met:

  • Key removed from ignition
  • Vehicle in "Park"
  • Battery voltage normal
  • Interior temperature in your custom range

Disbales vehicle if an unauthorize person tries to shift out of park

Automatically restarts engine when either condition is met:

  • Battery voltage is low
  • Interior temperature out of custom range

Auto restart for a/c or heat while brake pedal is pressed

Configurable idle timer

Reduce engine wear (oil, belts, etc)

Easy to install

Helps to meet Municipality anti-idling regulations

Microprocessor controlled

Keeps vehicle safe & secure EcoLock allows operator to remove key from ignition.  Vehicle is disabled if an unauthorized person tries to shift out of park.

Reduces Engine wear & increases intervals between oil changes

1 hour of idle time is equal to approximately 33 miles of driving
Fuel savings Pays for itself in a short period of time
Automatic Conserve fuel without doing anything differently
Eco-friendly Reduces CO2 emissions

EcoLock Idle Reduction System

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