• Federal Signal Q2B Electro Mechanical Siren beautifully streamlined, chrome-plated siren produces 123 decibels at 10 feet
  • Recognizable long distance warning
  • Unique clutch design provides longer coast down sound while reducing the amp draw
  • The sound of the Q-Siren is a trademark owned by Federal Signal Corporation
  • "It's not a firetruck, unless its got a Q-Siren"


Dimensions (H x L x D): 10.5" x 14" x 10" (26.7cm x 35.6cm x 25.4cm)

Sound Output: 123 decibels at ten feet

Current Draw: 100 amps

Standby Current: 0 amps

Input Voltage: 12VDC

Ship Weight: 49 lbs (23 kg)

Electro Mechanical Siren

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