Remote siren system with easy to operate hand-held controller



  • Siren Tones: Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Hyper-Lo, Hyper-Yelp, Whoop, Manual Wail, Air Horn
  • PA with Built-in Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Radio Rebroadcast
  • Stand-by
  • Siren Scroll
  • Siren Park Kill with Level 3 Drop-Out Option
  • Horn Ring Transfer
  • Vehicle Light Control Buttons (3 Progressive, 4 Auxiliary)
  • All Buttons are Backlit with On/Off Color Change
  • Keypad, Backlight Off Option
  • Push Button Programmable Siren Tones
  • (2) Programmable Airhorn Pitch Tones
  • Instant On
  • 25´ Extension Cable
  • Volume Control Thumbwheel on Hand-Held Controller
  • Siren Lock at Level 3
  • Timed Output Functions for Gun Lock Operations
  • Momentary Switch Available
  • EU (European Union) Lock to Any Level

H2 Covert Remote Siren System

SKU: SR-3599L5
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