The HighLighter® LED Pro mini-lightbar is a low-profile, modular design of Federal Signal's industry leading HighLighter. This full-featured LED mini-lightbar is the choice for work truck applications such as DOT, utility, snow plows and volunteer fire that require long service hours.


The HighLighter LED Pro combines the high-performance of Federal Signal's patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology with the high-efficient design of the Solaris® LED reflector to provide a dependable 360-degrees of light output. Additionally, the HighLighter LED Pro features a synchronization feature of multiple units and a high-side flasher that can be used to operate additional warning lights (up to 7.5 Amps). The HighLighter LED Pro is also packed with a variety of flash patterns that can be changed with Federal Signal's unique Magnet Select™ feature.


 The HighLighter LED Pro stands at an impressive 2.7" with a footprint of 15". This mini-lightbar can also be configured into a split configuration.


 The HighLighter LED Pro models meet SAE J845 Class 1 and CAC Title 13 requirements.


  • Low profile; only 2.7” tall
  • 360-degree light distribution; no dark spots or shadows
  • Solaris® LED reflector technology
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology
  • Pattern selection using MagnetSelect™, key chain included
  • Sync capability
  • Two-channel high-side flasher synchronizes other light heads (up to 7.5 Amps per channel)
  • Low-power/dim option
  • 5-year warranty

Highlighter LED Pro Mini Lightbar

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