For the Ford Interceptor Sedan, Utility & F-Series 

Walk away from your idling vehicle with confidence that it, your gun & your trunk contents are safely locked down with your lights, radio, equipment & HVAC fully functional.  If someone tries to shift out of Park without the key in ignition, the engine shuts off. 

  • Easy Operation
  • Turn Idle Lock ON
  • Remove key from ignition
  • Idle Lock will then lock the vehicle in park, along with the gun rack & trunk
  • Insert key & turn to run to shift out of Park

Features & Benefits

  • Allows vehicles to be left idling with transmission locked in park
  • Keeps your gun rack & trunk locked while idling
  • Idle vehicle with key out of ignition
  • Simple, single-point "Plug & Play"connection to chassis- No cutting of EOM wires
  • Intermittent Fault Filter (IFF) technology filters out erroneous changes in sensor signals
  • On-board LED diagnostics
  • Solid state, microprocessor controller..No additional solenoids, cables or brackets
  • CPU performs self-diagnostics every time vehicle is started

Idle Lock

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