IMPAXX® light heads combine Federal Signal’s Solaris® LED reflector technology with the most advanced LEDs for the brightest, most efficient auxiliary, compact light available.


IMPAXX can operate independently, synchronized with other IMPAXX, or synchronized with Federal Signal light heads equipped with the advanced 2-phase wire feature. IMPAXX light heads are programmed with up to 23 built-in flash patterns. These patterns  synchronize to flash in the same pattern, flash in a sliding progression or in opposite sequence of each other.


IPX6 models feature Federal Signal's SpectraLux mulit-color LED capability. SpectraLux allows IPX6 models to change from any color combination of Red, Blue, White, and Amber. IPX models are available in 6-LED, 12-LED or 18-LED versions.


  • High output Solaris LED reflector technology
  • Fully encapsulated waterproof housing
  • Wide angle lens for better off-axis warning
  • Center focus lens also available
  • Wide variety of synchronized patterns
  • IPX6 models feature Federal Signal's SpectraLux multi-color LED capability
  • LEDs offered in Amber, Blue, Red and White
  • Five-year LED warranty

Impaxx External Lighthead

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