Patented design, the first light of it’s kind to offer critical intersection warning & side warning now available with a surface mount & deck/grille bracket

  • No other light offers 180 degree output - specially designed reflector amplifies & throws the light at the perfect angle to increase visibility at intersections & offer side warning

  • Optional Deck/Grille (“L”) Bracket available for a variety of mounts such as push bumpers

  • Includes Surface Mount Light in your choice of LED & Housing colors, neoprene gasket & mounting hardware for installation (Deck/Grille Bracket is ordered separately)

Tech Specs

Flash Patterns:     30 Flash Patterns

Light Sync:          Yes

Technology:         9 Gen3 LEDs

Mounting:            Under Mirror & Surface Mounts

Input Voltage:      10 - 16 Vdc

Current Draw:      less than 1.5 amps

Dimensions:        Surface Mount Light (incl. bezel)          

3.7” (94 mm) W x 1.7” (43 mm) H x 1.8” (46 mm) D

Dimensions:       Deck/Grille Brkt

4” (98 mm) W x 2” (52 mm) H x 1” (25 mm) D

Operating Temp.: -40° to +65° C / -104° to +149° F

Intersector Surface Mount Light

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