The K9 DOOR POPPER® releases your K-9 partner from the vehicle to be by your side in an emergency situation. 



  • Exclusive! Door Pop Stopper™ Feature: This extremely important feature protects your canine by preventing door activation when the vehicle is in gear.
  • Rugged Chrome switch guards- Protect control switches from K-9 or human error.
  • New microprocessor technology with modular design.  Easy to install!
  • Software based features allow for future upgrades.
  • Compact Transmitter with Holster- With AceK9 Anti Bump- AceK9's Long Range water resistant belt transmitter has a button protector as well as intelligent software to prevent accidental K-9 Deployment.  The button must be pressed for one second continually before the transmitter will activate.  Once activated the transmitter keeps transmitting for a few seconds to insure that the AceK9 Door Popper System receives the signal.
  • External antenna kit
  • Gas spring fully extends and holds door open for safe canine release.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • K9 transport option
  • Remote door popper system with fast-pop system
  • For sedans, SUV's and trucks
  • Unlocks and fully opens one vehicle door of your choice
  • Includes one compact remote digital transmitter with nylon case - KK-K9-DP-NTX-GW
  • Long range remote up to 500 feet in full police vehicle & up to 1,000 feet without radio interference
  • Safety pop stopper to inhibit door unlock or opening when vehicle is in motion
  • Includes 55 lbs. push force gas spring to open one door - KK-K9-DP-SSK-D
  • Includes heavy-duty solenoid - KK-K9-DP-HDS-K
  • Includes external antenna for roof or trunk lid mounting
  • Note: specify year, make and Model of vehicle when ordering to insure correct adaptors are sent with unit

K9 Transport Door Popper Option, Remote Door Popper System With Fast-Pop System

SKU: K9-DP-3000-H
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