Choose from a variety of Mounting Options for the popular Whelen LINZ6, TIR3 AND LIN3 Series Light Modules.


Mount Options:

  • Option 1: Deep Chrome Plated Flange for LINZ6
  • Option 2: Dodge Charger Truck Bracket - 2 Lightheads - PR
  • Option 3: 45 Degree Push Bumper Bracket
  • Option 4: Chrome Flange for Dual Lightheads
  • Option 5: Black Flange for Dual Lightheads (not available for LINZ6)
  • Option 6: Cast Aluminum Flange
  • Option 7: Deep Chrome Plated Flange (for TIR3 or LIN3)
  • Option 8: Single Light Deck/Grille Mount
  • Option 9: Dual Light Deck/Grille Mount - Stacked
  • Option 10: Four Light Deck/Grille Mount - Stacked
  • Option 11: Universal License Plate Mount
  • Option 12: Bracket for 1 Lighthead (not for vertical lights)
  • Option 13: Bracket for Dual Lightheads (not for vertical lights)
  • Option 14: Swivel Mounting Bracket
  • Option 15: License Plate Bracket - 2 lightheads - Horizontal Mount
  • Option 16: License Plate Bracket - 2 lightheads - Vertical Mount
  • Option 17: Grommet Mount
  • Option 18: Optional trunk mount bracket for 2011+ Dodge Charger - pair
  • Option 19: Optional trunk mount for 2013+ Ford Interceptor Sedan - pair

LINV2, LINZ6, TIR3, and LIN3 Mounting Options

Mounting Brackets- options listed in description
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