Littlite® is a sleek, low profile gooseneck lamp that efficiently produces light in a concentrated area and can easily be aimed exactly where you need it. The units are equipped with a permanently attached gooseneck that extends from either the end or top of the chassis and are controlled by your choice of rheostat or an on/off switch.


LED Littlite lamps for console lighting are composed of red and white LEDs, which eliminate the need for a red filter. Amperage draw has also been reduced providing a cooler, longer lasting operation.


Halogen Littlite lamps emit a crisp, bright white light in a tightly controlled pattern for use in any task involving accurate, close or detailed work. 


  • Durable, high-quality lighting for a vehicle’s console
  • Flexable gooseneck allows easy movement
  • Clear brightlight with either rheostat or on/off switch controls
  • LED or halogen models available
  • LED units offer choice of Red or White light from toggle switch selector
  • Two-year warranty on LED models

Littlite Gooseneck Map Lamp

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