V-Series™, Combination 180° Warning and Perimeter Light, Scan-Lock™ Flash Patterns, for Warning Light with Clear Outer Lens, Red, Blue or Amber Warning


The only patented Linear-LED ® lightheads designed to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the industry while providing top of the line performance!


The M9v2 V-Series™ is a two-in-one combination warning and perimeter light.


M9V2 V-Series™

  • 21 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including synchronizable patterns 
  • Amp Draw: warning 2.4 amps peak/0.96 avg.; scenelight: 2.4 amps.
  • Siz: 6-1/2" (165mm) H x 2-5/8" (66mm) D

M9 V-Series Lighting

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