The MLS Series of LED strip lighting, offers excellent illumination.  Uses include compartment, cargo, work spaces, motorcyle lighting and so much more!  With easy to install self adhesive backing.  Maxxima MLS strip lights can be easily applied to any surface.  Available in three convenient lengths.  The MLS series is the perfect solution to lighting.  With low LED amp draw, long LED life & moisture proof construction.  The MLS series will provide years of reliable interior/exterior lighting. 


  • Available in 18", 24" and 36" lengths NEW! 45" LENGTH IN WHITE
  • Space saving low profile design
  • Low LED Amp draw
  • Easy to install self adhesive backing
  • Completely sealed moisture proof electronics
  • 1 year  warranty for exterior use, 5 year warranty for interior use


Product Specs

MLS-1827    27 LEDs   560ma Amp      12VDC    18" Length x 0.5" Width x 0.2" Depth

MLS-2436    36 LEDs   710ma Amp      12VDC    24" Length x 0.5" Width x 0.2"Depth

MLS-3654    54 LEDs   1100ma Amp    12VDC    36" Length x 0.5" Width x 0.2" Depth

MLS-4569-D  69 LEDs 1300ma Amp    12VDC   45" Length x 0.5" Width x 0.2" Depth (available in White only)

MLS Series LED Strip Lighting

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