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  • Inboard LED module options: any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts
  • Corner LED module options: any combination of single color 12 or 18 LED, dual color 24 LED or tri-color 30 LED counts
  • "All white" forward facing modules option for intense scene lighting
  • 6 LED Take Downs, 3 LED Alley Lights standard
  • Manual dimming capability for nighttime use
  • Cruise mode
  • Ability to shut down complete front or rear inboard and select corner modules
  • Rear arrow option
  • Nearly 25% lighter than industry leading metal lightbars, allowing for increased fuel economy, handling performance, and top-end speed
  • Available in 24", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" lengths

nForce Lightbar

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