Includes mounting brackets and hardwareincludes mounting brackets and hardware


Securing prisoners can be an unpleasant and unsafe job for officers if they are required to reach across the prisoner when securing the seat belt for transport. Pro-gard’s Outboard Seat Belts relocate the “female” part of the buckle to the exterior side of the seat making it easy for officers to secure the prisoner.



  • Two “female” buckles placed on the exterior side of the vehicle
    • Upper “stored” position mounts to outer side of the partition to keep prisoner disentangled when loading/unloading
    • Lower “secured” position is attached to the original OEM “male” buckle anchor point putting it at lap level for securing the prisoner


  • Eliminate officer’s need to reach across prisoner to secure the belt
  • Reduces potential officer contact with biohazards such as spitting
  • Minimizes potential unsafe situations like biting and access to belted duty gear
  • Straps are bright “Pro-gard” Blue for easy visibility when loading prisoners
  • Satin finish and guards on belt straps allow for easy adjustment
  • Retrofit kits available
  • Not for use with OEM or competitive seats

Outboard Seat Belt

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