Sold in Box of 100 or a Case of 1000 / 10 Boxes


Safetec PAWS Personal Anitmicrobial Wipe


Box of 100, individually packaged to provide assured potency and practical field use. Towelettes help remove transient and resident bacteria. Reduces cross contamination.


Premoistened 5" x 8" towelette with PCMX and SD-Alcohol to provide instant degerming of hands and extended antimicrobial activity.  Individually packaged for convenience and assured effectiveness.  Contains aloe vera to condition the skin, to maintain derml integrity, and help prevent additional microbial activity.  Towelettes help remove transiet and resident bacteria.  Long lasting antimicrobial action.  Effective on bacteria commonly found on hands in hospitals and clinics. 

PAWS Personal Antimicrobial Wipe

SKU: RP-34400
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