Thor Remote power switch allows THOR inverters to be controlled remotely in vehicle, flush mount up to 20' away from the inverter, Power/fault LEDs indicate inverters status. Connects easily & securely to TH1000, TH2000 & TH3000 inverters. Never have to crawl under your seat or tight space again. Simply plug and push on/off.



  • 2.25"X .1.25" X .75" W H D
  • Includes 20' Cable and Mounting screws



  • TH001 Remote Control Module
  • For Use with THOR Inverters
  • Remote Control Module Face Plate - 20Ft.
  • Remote Control Cord Power and Fault LED indicators and Instruction Manual
  • Allows you to switch power ON or OFF
  • LED Indicator showing inverter status
  • On/Off Switch

Power Inverter Remote Switch

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