PriorityStart! stops dead batteries. Forgot to turn off your phone, the kids left a light on, didn't get the door shut all the way, or simply, a short in the electrical system - any voltage drain, PriorityStart! monitors the power left in your battery and turns off accessories before they drain the battery dead.

There are no buttons or switches to push, no lifting the hood. Just turn your ignition key to start the engine and away you go. Start safely from inside your vehicle.


PriorityStart! minimizes the dangers, lost time and costs associated with a dead battery. One deep discharging of your battery means you have already done damage to your battery, and jump starting can only cause irreparable damage to your vehicles onboard computer and electrical system.  This  possibly can void your warranty with us. PriorityStart! maximizes the battery life, your time and your money.  Because there is no hard wiring the unit is transferable.  One year warranty.


  • Safety, Security, Peace of Mind, Savings
  • Minimizes stress level, Maximize battery life, Environmentally friendly
  • Simple 1,2,3 installation
  • No hard wiring
  • Lab tested and Certified
  • Transferable.


Specially designed for under-hood environment. Maintenance-free, universal design fits both top-post or side-post batteries. Handles 1,000 starting amps and exerts a clamping force in excess of 75 linear pounds. No hard wiring required. Fits any 12-volt or 24-volt application.

Priority Start

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