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  • Two full signals out of one lighthead – No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors
  • Turn a red/blue lighthead into a white takedown. This provides increased takedown lighting at no additional cost or loss of emergency warning positions.
  • When MultiColor is used in the rear, Full sized



  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Takedown and Alley Lights
  • LED Dimming Feature
  • Corner Cruise Lights
  • Built-In NarrowStik
  • 12 LED PriZm II Lightheads in each Corner Position
  • 12 LED, 8 LED or 3 LED Directional PriZm II Lightheads in Front and Rear Positions
  • LED or 55W Halogen Takedown Lights
  • LED or 35W MR-11 Alley Lights
  • Small Gauge Multi-conductor Cable Provides Easy Installation
  • Easy to Install LIT3 Mounting Platform
  • 5-year Warranty on the LED Modules and the Central Controller

RX 2700 CC Multi-Color LED Lightbar

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