The universally mounted gun rack can be mounted on a partition, on a wire screen, or can be installed in your trunk. All of ProGard steel gun racks come with 8 second timers but also feature handcuff, straight, or vending key overrides in the even of a power failure. Pro-gard’s G5000 series can accommodate multiple weapons and accessories.


  • Partition, Trunk, and Screen Installation
  • Accommodates Multiple Weapons and Accessories
  • Steel Construction
  • Timer with 8 Second Delay (Included)
  • Handcuff, Straight, or Vending Key Override Available


Mounting Locations

Partition Mount
Trunk Mount (wire screen)
Trunk Mount (under rear deck)


Gun Rack Requirements

• 3” of clear space on forearm of weapon


Weapon Compatibility

• Remington 870
• AR15
• M4
• Etc


Accessory Compatibility

• EOtech
• Surefire M500
• Etc

Shotgun Rack

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