The concept behind the Single Prisoner Transport unit is to provide a safe and secure area to hold the detainee, while maximizing driver comfort (recline and seat height adjustment are increased) as well as accessory storage.  Only Setina Single Prisoner units retain the Full Roll-Bar-Type Framework design for structural integrity.  Also, only by Setina, is a unique S-Bend at the apex of the framework, placing it further back on the driver side than the passenger side, so that it is not an obstruction to driver side seat travel.  


Product included in Package:

  • #6 Single Prisoner Transport System Package with Coated Polycarbonate Front Window
  • #12VS Vinyl Coated Explanded Metal Rear Cargo Partition
  • Dual T-Rail Weapon System with Standard Shotgun Lock and Universal Lock (Standard or Handcuff Key override)
  • One set of TPO Door Panels
  • One set of Steel Window Barriers
  • Single Prisoner Utility TPO Seat
  • High Strength Aluminum Cargo Storage Tray System (LFC Lift- Top with combination lock, BSN Base sliding with no lock)
  • Uses stock Seat Belt System

Single Prisoner Transport Solution for Ford Interceptor Utility

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