Acari's sleek rooftop mounting sytem designed for flexibility of equipment with no roof holes required.


Saves Drilling, Saves Times, Saves Money.  Preassemble with beacons, GPS, work lights, antennas and other rooftop devices.  Installs in 3 easy steps reducing shope time, errors and damages.  Sleek, aerodynamic, anodized aluminum housing designed for improved fuel economy.  Attaches with ACARI clamping system through existing third brakelight mounting hole.  No drilling required.  Eliminates extra cab holes for mounting and wiring.  Low profile desing will not hinder access to garages, etc.  Fully encapsulated to porvide moisture and vibration protection.  Anodized Aluminum finish.


Available in lengths of:

22" mounting platform

28" mounting platform

34" mounting platform

Sleek Rooftop Mounting System

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