Model SSP2000 is a programmable siren/light controller with remote-mount amplifier.  The new model looks very similar to the current model SSP3000 and contains many of the same features. Most significantly, the SSP2000 is compatible with the FS Convergence Network, just like the SSP3000, and therefore includes the same “plug-and-play installation” and “PC programming” benefits of our other Convergence Network products.



  • Programmable siren/light controller with remote-mount amplifier and noise-cancelling microphone
  • FS Convergence Network
  • Siren tones – wail, yelp, hi/lo, and priority
  • Public Address (PA) and Air Horn
  • Four ports for serial communication devices
  • Configuration programs can be stored, extracted, and modified for ease of service and re-use
  • Ethernet port on control head for programming, allows programming to be done outside the vehicle without the amplifier
  • Can be used with SWM Interceptor Switch Modules for integration with Ford Steering Wheel Switches
  • Manufactured in University Park, IL USA
  • Same physical dimensions as SSP3000
  • Voltage, current, operating temperature, and most other system specifications same as SSP3000
  • Same microphone and control head as SSP3000

SmartSiren Platinum 2000B

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