Introducing the new SmartSiren Platinum from Federal Signal -- a smart step forward in user-friendly design, cutting-edge engineering, and effortless programmability.


Federal Signal’s unique Convergence Network ties the vehicles warning system together with a simple “plug-n-play” connection between the SmartSiren Platinum and the lightbar.  An intuitively engineered remote control head puts at-aglance command and control in your officer’s hands and a simple PC interface makes it easy to program one vehicle or an entire fleet. 



Convergence Network

The Federal Signal Convergence Network provides “plug-n-play” installation for all of Federal Signal serial communication lightbars.


Configuration Software

The SmartSiren Platinum Configuration software gives the installer the ability to create, edit and distribute programming files within a fleet.


Durable Remote Control Head

With an assured, tactile feel to its operation, the rugged three-position slide switch and control buttons provide ultimate control of your vehicles lighting and siren system.


SignalMaster™ and Auxiliary Control

Fourteen programmable outputs and four inputs provide greater control and flexibility for controlling your vehicle’s lighting system. The SignalMaster feature is standard for the SSP3000.


Locking Relay Connectors

Locking Relay Connectors provide easy access to the 14 outputs and 4 inputs of the SmartSiren Platinum.


Siren Diagnostics and 100/200-Watt Amplifier

Attention getting LEDs illuminate when auxiliary outputs/inputs are active to provide siren diagnostics and the amplifier can provide up to 200 watts of siren power.

SmartSiren Platinum 3000B

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