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** New for 2018 - 2-year manufacturers Warranty! ***



  • 12” Iron Band Protects Seat From Duty Belt
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Custom Fit 
  • Minimal seams for maximum strength
  • Guaranteed to stay put, won't shift or wrinkle
  • Durable long lasting material
  • Reinforced seams
  • Available In Black and Grey
  • Drivers side only- Call for other options


TigerTough™ has been developing quality vehicle products for nearly 25 years, offering over 80 years of combined sewing and designing experience. TigerTough™ Seat Covers are guaranteed not to come loose. The reinforced seams and custom fit won’t shift or wrinkle when pulled tight, and they keep your seats looking like new, increasing the trade-in value of your vehicle. Tried and proven for over 25 years with companies with 1 to 5,000 or more units.



TigerTough™ leaves an actual opening in the seat cover for the airbag to come out of and then sew an air bag patch over that opening using lighter thread.  When the airbag blows, the cover is torn off, allowing the airbag to perform as it is supposed to.

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Tactical Seat Covers

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