Precision Fit is part of Setina's new heavy duty slip cover design.  Setina's seating systems are the next generation of Prisoner Transport Seats.


The TPO seating systems are easily installed, with a precision fit right over the vehicles existing seat.  Unlike other models, there is no longer the expensive need to remove and store the factory seat.


Setina's advances seat belt design also provides the ability to change your seat belt location to latch on the outside, using factory seat belt parts.  This prevents having close contact from reaching in across the front of a prisoner. (Center pull seat belt system)


Advances TPO Technology


What is TPO? TPO or Thermoplastice PolyOlefin, is a high quality automotive polymer (plastic) used as the standard in the auto industry.



Stronger than other industry transport seats

No need to remove and store OEM seat

Will not crack or break

Economical full seat design

The ultimate protection for vehicles


NOTE: 2013+ Ford Interceptor Utility has 2 options:

PT-SS-ITU-M: Full rear transport TPO seat with #12 vinyl coated expanded metal cargo partition

PT-SS-ITU-P: Full rear transport TPO seat with #12 coated polycarbonate cargo partition

TPO Seats

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