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Presenting Federal Signal’s Valor lightbar. Like no other ligthbar that you have seen before. The Valor lightbar is a low-profile, non-linear lightbar that outperforms at critical off-axis angles. Introducing the new Valor LED lightbar, it’s driving technology.

Choose from: Single Color Valor lightbar with takedown, alley & rear split color arrowstick or Multi-color lightbar with takedown, alley & rear split color arrowstick

SpectraLux Multicolor LED Technology.  Exclusive to Federal Signal, SpectraLux provides the ability for a single light source to change colors. Individual Valor lightheads can flash between Red, Blue, Amber or White.

Solaris LED Reflector Design Federal Signal’s Solaris LED reflector technology is engineered to significantly increase off-axis warning and maximize the LED light source to eliminate dark spots and distribute 360-degrees of light.

ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) Technology. Federal Signal’s patented ROC technology is manufactured to eliminate approximately 85% of the connection failure points found in a typical lightbar assembly. Wires, connections, and assemblies have been replaced by PCB assemblies — reducing labor repair time and increasing the road time for emergency vehicles.

Versatile Mounting. The mount brackets accommodate

optional HotFoot LED Take Down and LED Alley Lights, as well as Federal Signal’s Slate cameras for ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition). SignalMaster

The Valor has built-in SignalMaster functionality

for directional warning. The SignalMaster LED modules

keep sequence with the flash pattern, but when

activated override the LED module to provide a directional flash pattern and when the SpectraLux option is specified can change from blue or red to amber. Dimming Feature, When activated, the dimming feature significantly reduces the light output intensity. Clear Domes, For a sleek and stealthy appearance the Valor is available with Clear domes only. Available LED Colors, Single-color options are available in Red, Amber, Blue, or White. SpectraLux option can be specified in combinations of Red,

Amber, Blue and White. Number of LEDs, In the 44-inch lightbar:

1. Main bar: 24 heads x 6 LEDs each = 288 LEDs

2. HotFoot: 4 heads x 6 LEDs each = 24 LEDs

Number of LEDs, In the 51-inch lightbar:

Main Bar: 28 heads x 12 LEDs each=336 LEDs

Current Draw

Without HotFoot lights - 24 amp - STEADY

With HotFoot lights - 28 amp -STEADY


5-year warranty on LED components

Valor Lightbar

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