• Clear Lens with Red, Blue, Amber or White LEDs
  • Black Bezel/Housing. Chrome Housing Optional.
  • Shock Resistant and Weather Protected for Interior and Exterior Use
  • Potted Circuit Board
  • Synchronized Flash Pattern Between Lightheads Standard and with LED Hide-A-Blasts
  • XT6, XT602: 22 Flash Patterns
  • XT601SS, XT602SS: 22 Flash Patterns


For Windshield Models

  • Retractable guards (with the push of a button) on either end of the unit provide an extra level of protection against reflected light flashing into driver´s eyes.
  • Visor (shroud) fits snugly against windshield.
  • 12´ Lighter Plug Cable with Switch
  • Z Brackets with Suction Cups


Color Options

Amber, Red, Blue, or White (Solid or Split)

XT6 LED Lights

Light Size
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