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Firearm Mount / Rack / Lockboxes

Firearm mounts/locks to meet the need of all types of weapons, including less lethal weapons. The LOFT is one of the many options that are available for the un-noticeable storage of one or two weapons. We also offer overhead gun racks for partitions, muzzle down and trunk mounting applications. Adamson is ready to help identify the best solution for your weapon storage needs.

Suppliers include (but are not limited to)  Setina, LUND, Pro-gard, Big Sky, Jotto Desk, Troy Products, Innovative Emergency Products, Tuffy, Truck Vault, Rockland and OPS.


  • Gun Mounts
  • Mini Safes


Our seasoned Techs at Adamson Industries understand that a weapon storage system may need to be modified based on the weapon and accessories being stored. We will ensure the installation of your gun mount/vault ensures your weapons are properly, and safely, secured when not in use yet fully accessible when needed.

gun mount and storage
gun mount and storage
gun mount and storage